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A full service, digital design campaign to create a global extravaganza!

Working with the Support Services division of Arrow ECS we were briefed to create a new brand campaign to push forward the services available to Arrow partners and increase access and use of these services.

The campaign was to have a strong awareness theme, but to not only offer clarity in message, but be visually appealing and engaging as well.   From this the team devised “The Greatest Support on Earth” campaign.

The campaign involved the whole team, from dev, design, account management and print, working together to deliver a well-rounded, multi-touch campaign.  The assets included:

  • An online presence within Arrow The Hub:
  • Hard copy direct mail in the form of a popcorn box, with popcorn and ticket compete with QR code directing traffic to the online presence
  • Fulfilment of the direct mail to a database of 200
  • Electronic and hard copy collateral: A5 4pp brochure, postcard mailers
  • Animation
  • Infographic
  • Gated content for lead generation
  • Emails
  • Paid social

Direct Mail Piece - A5 Postcards
A5 Brochure
Direct Mail Piece - A6 Ticket

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