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FWD Motion were commissioned to create a campaign for Intel Security to be used both online and offline and at events.  This collateral would be used to generate awareness and support their partners by giving them the marketing tools to successfully run their own branded campaigns. 

The Journey Ahead campaign visualised the relationship of how Arrow and Intel work in unity to support their partners. The overarching journey and adventurer theme was carried throughout the campaign and included resources, such as, an Adventurers' Survival pack housing branded products and informative brochures.

The campaign incorporated incentive days within partner sites with leader boards and office graphics produced in-house at FWD, to push the brand and key messages to the partners.

An online presence was created for the campaign and positioned on Arrow the Hub, which featured, a filmed video piece, infographic video and interactive infographics and numerous branded white papers and brochures.

Click to view the assets on Arrow the Hub

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