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FWD were briefed by Arrow to produce an overarching campaign promoting the alliance sell opportunities Gigamon presents to the IT Channel. So "Gigamon &" was born, enabling us to produce an overlaying theme which could be interchangeable with whichever product or solution Gigamon was joined together with. The campaign is still ongoing, but has encompassed to date:

  • Gigamon & You animation
  • Video card DM mail out
  • Production scale videos including prop design and print
    • Gigamon & the Threat Landscape
    • Gigamon & FireEye
    • Gigamon & Intel
  • Infographic
  • Exhibition collateral and photo shoot
  • Social media competition and teaser spots

Video shoot set
Gigamon & You programme
Gigamon & You animation storyboard
Gigamon & You video card mailer
Infosec 2016 event
Branded rickshaw taxis at the Infosec 2016 event

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