What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of marketing or educational content to an interface that introduces game mechanics. In other words, it’s a fun, interactive and engaging way for customers or employees to learn more about your brand, products or services.


Gamification has proved itself to be incredibly effective at:

  • Improving engagement levels
  • Increasing motivation
  • Bridging any skills gaps
  • Encouraging personal development
  • Boosting confidence with achievable tasks
  • Helping users retain new knowledge and skills
  • Making sense of complex portfolios, products or services

Our platform

The FWD gamification platform is a multi-region, global learning and enablement tool. This versatile platform can flex and adapt to a wide range of needs and can be easily integrated into your existing marketing and business strategy.

Raising brand awareness

  • Gamification engages people with your brand for longer
  • Motivates users to connect more deeply with your brand
  • Inspires a deep sense of loyalty
  • Adds a higher customer lifetime value and more revenue

Increasing social engagement

  • Adds variety to your social media channels
  • Helps cut through the social noise
  • Differentiates your business
  • Encourages positive interactions


  • Optimise your sales enablement strategy
  • Product or service specific questions
  • Selection of bespoke tracks


  • Leaderboard inspires friendly competition
  • Participants gain value from the activity (status, rewards or knowledge)
  • Turn existing content into something that’s rewarding and motivational


  • Provide exciting, hands-on, interactive learning
  • Accreditation and certification platform
  • Familiarise teams with your product portfolio
  • Help customers understand your offerings


Analytics allow you to quantify the effects of your marketing strategy by monitoring skills levels and identifying potential for improvement.

System metrics

  • Leaderboard scores
  • Track and assess user progress
  • Number of completed actions

Bespoke Google Data Studio Report

  • Audience overview report
  • Acquisition overview report
  • Behaviour overview report, including top 5 performing pages

CRM and Marketing Automation (MA) Integration

  • Enables connectivity between your CRM/MA and your gamification platform
  • Helps you maximise your technology investments
  • Achieves efficiencies
  • Ensures seamless interaction between applications

What gamification can do for you

Quickly accomplish your business goals by integrating gamification into your marketing for:

  • Lead generation
  • Incentives
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Product launches
  • Community and team building
  • Roadshows and special events
  • And much more...