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Rise Unbroken logo design

FWD Motion were commissioned to design a logo for dance troupe RISE Unbroken after their star turn in the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

RISE member Hollie Booth was severely injured in the 2017 Manchester Arena attack, but in a show of solidarity the rest of the troupe began incorporating borrowed wheelchairs into their routine to allow the brave 13 year old to rejoin them and continue her passion for dancing.

The group asked FWD to design them a logo that not only helped spread their positive message of unity and strength, but also reflected their association with the Manchester tragedy.

After their emotional audition and four ‘Yes’ verdicts from the judges, RISE performed again in the live semi-finals, and although they didn’t progress through to the final they still managed to share their inspirational message of positivity and hope with the millions of watching BGT viewers.

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