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Using video to address business issues

As part of our long-standing working relationship with Capita HR, FWD were tasked with the storyboarding and animation of Capita's video content for "Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace".  Tackling a complex business issue the animation had several goals:

  1. Understanding what is Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) 
  2. Making D&I a sustainable strategy
  3. Capita's service offering and how it aides businesses achieve D&I 

At just under 3 minutes long the video concisely conveyed all information required by Capita HR and is currently being promoted throughout their site: 

The project involved both the design and animation team at FWD working with an external talent agency to supply the voice over which was then edited in post production to seamlessly fit with the animation timings. 

With video content on the rise and fast becoming the most widely engaged with marketing content, contact us today to discuss building video into your marketing strategy.

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