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FWD Motion's Artist of the month

“Art is not what you see, but what you make other’s see” – Edgar Degas

At FWD Motion, we are mad about art and we are lucky enough to be working with artists in Sheffield and beyond. To spread the word and the love for art we’ve devised a new FWD Chat feature: Artist of Month! This will be our forum to help promote new, upcoming or established artists in a quick informal way.

May’s Artist of the Month: D7606
D7606 is a street artist and keen street photographer too.  D photographs work in the UK, across Europe and in America, whilst using these travels to display his own creations as well. D’s artist passion grew from a love of photography and from this D’s artwork naturally followed. D works almost exclusively with printed media, channelling iconic muses from music, film and theatre.  D is perhaps best known for his British telephone box pieces, imprisoning a variety of iconic people. The first piece launched almost 5 years ago and featured Audrey Hepburn, and more recently a 7ft David Bowie!

D collaborates with other artist too, most recently @kafkaisfamous and @citykittystreet from the USA.

D is currently working on new designs featuring Debbie Harry and these will come on tour as D travels around the UK and abroad this summer – maybe you’ll spot one!

Catch up on D’s portfolio by visiting his social channels:
@D7606 and @D7606art
Facebook: D7606
Twitter: @D7606art


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